Vim Scripts


For Script Users

Q: Can you fix a bug in one of your scripts?

A: Unfortunately there's nothing the vim-scripts mirror can do about this. You'll need to notify the script's author. When a fixed version of the plugin is released, vim-scripts will happily mirror it.

Q: Why are all the files in the wrong places? Why doesn't this plugin just work when I drop it in ~/.vim/bundles?

A: It should. Scripts come in all sorts of weird formats and layouts and the scraper corrects them the best it can. It probably just got confused. File an issue and we'll fix the scraper and regenerate the script.

Q: Why can't I file an issue on a script?

A: The issues and wikis are turned off for all scripts because there's little chance the original authors would ever see them. Still, it might make sense to be able to file issues anyway. This is easy enough to change, we just haven't made a final decision yet. Discuss it here.

Q: I sent you a GitHub messsage. Why don't you respond?

vim-scripts is just a robot. The best way to discuss things is by filing an issue on either the scraper or documentation.

Q: I sent you a messsage or pull request. Why don't you respond?

A: vim-scripts is just a robot.

Q: Is the mirror up-to-date?

A: The scripts are updated multiple times per day from the RSS feed. The most recent changes can be seen on the GitHub page.

For Script Developers

Q: Can I point the vim-scripts repo at my official GitHub repo?

A: No, vim-scripts is simply a mirror of Vim's site. The best thing to do is put your GitHub URL at the top of your script's description on This will ensure that it appears at the top of your script's README on GitHub.

Q: My commits don't have my GitHub icon next to them.

A: The email address you used on is probably different from the one you're using on GitHub. Go into your GitHub account settings and add your vim account's address as an alternate.

Q: Why is my name just a garbled mass of letters in my commits?

A: Like this commit from Ľubomír Host? You probably have a non-ascii character in your email address. GitHub doesn't currently display internationalized email addresses. There's a feature request.