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by gmarik

Hello Vimmers!

All of you probably know that mirrors all scripts on Github making them available as git repos.

Scott, the author of did a great job with implementing and running it (at his own expense btw). Still it can be even better!

For obvious reasons Scott's open-source-hours are limited as well as mine. Therefore in order to improve we're looking for those of you interested in contributing your expertise.

Here's general outline on what needs to be done:

  1. new website theme, logo, favicon
  2. Jekyll based template fixes: pagination, news dupes
  3. language improvements all over the site: edit down
  4. all web-site UX/UI issues
  5. many scraper issues

Yeah, lots to be done!

In case you cannot contribute with your skills you can always donate to support the project.

Discussion is welcomed so make sure to leave your comment.

Thanks all, let's make Vim ecosystem better!


  1. website contributor how-to