Vim Scripts

Suppressing VCS Directories

by bronson

The scraper now suppresses common VCS dirs (.git, .hg, .bzr, and .svn). The following scripts were affected:

  • 2890 - slurper.vim.stats
  • 2960 - bisect.stats
  • 3081 - JavaScript-Indent.stats
  • 3224 - VIM-Color-Picker.stats
  • 3310 - gdb4vim.stats

Also, to unify some code paths, the scraper no longer uses the minitar gem to untar files. It now shells out to the unix utility, just like it does for zip, rar, 7z, and xv. This fixed a single script:

  • 1608 - Chrome syntax script

A quick ramble offtopic... I've had zero troubles with Ruby's minitar (as opposed to rubyzip, which has been painful), so it comes as a bit of a surprise to me that it hasn't been doing a perfect job. This just reinforces my suspicion that it's a bad idea to rely on little-used gems to perform a complex task when you can just shell out to a tool that's used and tested every day (probably every minute).

Shell out. It may not be as pure but it's a heck of a lot more reliable.