Vim Scripts

Skipping Corrupt Vimballs

by bronson

It's not easy to tell when a vimball is corrupt or didn't extract well. Quick rant: figuring out how to reliably extract vimballs has taken way more than all other archive formats combined, including weirdos like rar, 7z, and xv. And the job still isn't done.

Anyhow, when a vimball is corrupt but claims to have extracted OK, it looks in the Git repo like the author deleted all files project and re-added them in the next commit. Now the following plugins have a proper revision history.

  • 1609 - Ada-Bundle
  • 1714 - Tail-Bundle
  • 3028 - rename.vim

Also, the following script has an invalid zipfile. This was easy to fix.

  • 3281 - run_python_tests

If you've cloned any of these plugins, delete your copies and re-clone!